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Custom Paint by Numbers

It is an amazing way to preserve your memories. Bring your favorite photo back to life with custom paint by numbers. You might want to paint a family picture, a loved one, or a pet. Whether you are a skilled artist or a complete amateur, with our custom paint by numbers kits, you can get any of your fondest photographs canvered into a beautiful paint by numbers kit that you can easily paint yourself.


The Healing Power Of Art

The power of mindfulness has been scientifically proven many times. There are many ways to achieve a relaxed state of inner peace and painting is one them! Crafting activities such as painting, drawing, sewing, etc. have huge benefits to the overall reduction stress levels and well-being.

Every paint-by-numbers kit we sell brings us closer to our goal of making the world a happier, healthier place for everyone.

Just try it you will LOVE IT! ??

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Paint by Numbers – How to

No painting skills are required to start painting with our DIY adult paint-by-numbers kits. Our Kit contains everything you need to start swirling the brush around. Lets show you how to get started.

Step #1

Order a kit. It’s as simple as selecting a painting you like and purchasing it. The default size for all our paintings is 40×50 cm unless specified. The kit will reach you as soon as we can possibly get it to you.

Step #2

Get painting. Pull out your new kit and get started. A few key ingredients to make your painting experience go smoothly are: Working in a large, clutter-free space and a well-lit space. starting from the top of the canvas.

Step #3

Step by step and number by number when you have completed it, you will be stunned by the beauty of it. Frame it, hang it, see it and smile ? oh yeah, don’t forget to send us a photo review.

Customer Reviews

I can not wait to start painting this. Quality canvas. Adequate amount of paint. Quick delivery!

Linda Jones / USA

Love this company and I love that they have the larger canvas sizes which I find are the best, I did this one and was great and everyone has loved it.

Tammy Shortall / AU

Painting by number Very fast delivery, all as expected, very good

Eldred Taylor / UK

Our Story

“Gain paint by numbers, Gain surprise and joy”
We are committed to helping more people overcome boredom and troubles, and life always needs a sense of ritual for ourselves or others. We always believe that art is the magic that can heal the soul and broaden our horizons. Please let us make a rabbit out of the top hat for you every day. You know, we just want to see your smile.
“Although simple painting is only a small step to happiness, we are willing to do our best for your small step.”

Edson Miller – Gainpaintbynumbers© Founder